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We offer a unique riding experience for your child:


1. Trainers:   You can expect the same trainer each and every lesson. 

Experienced, engaging, and committed; we are a mother/daughter team who are 100% dedicated to your child's learning.  We teach the english style of riding.

2. High quality horses:  We purchase and maintain high quality school horses, which gives students an advantage in learning.  Our horses are show quality and attend several horse shows each year.  

3. Hands-on learning:  Our philosophy is centered around learning through hands-on experience.  We believe students should do the work involved with riding, and are expected to groom, put on and take off saddles and bridles.  We do not have grooms or staff to do this work for them.  

4.  Environment:  We maintain a family friendly, no-pressure environment.  You do not need to own or lease your own horse to ride at our barn.  Although some of our students lease horses and go to horse shows, we provide school horses for your child to ride.


Flat Program (Walk, Trot, Canter, Learning to jump):

$300 per month:  One 30 minute private lesson per week

Jumping Program (When rider can confidently jump and course):

Riders alternate jumping and flat work within the month

$340 per month:  One 30 minute private lesson per week

Introduction Lesson:

$75 - 30 minute evaluation lesson is required before joining the barn.


Invoices:  Invoices are sent 2 to 3 days before the beginning of the month and are due upon receipt. 

Payment is considered late if not received by the 5th of the month.

If payment is not received by the 5th of the month, student will unfortunately not be able to ride until payment is made in full.


  • Client will receive a dedicated time and day of the week where an appropriate school horse is reserved for them.  If Client cannot make their lesson, 24-hour notice is required.  If client can't make the lesson for some reason, or is sick, on vacation, or there is bad weather, a maximum of one makeup lesson will be granted per month.  An attempt will be made to try and find an additional time for the student where there is an appropriate lesson horse, however because of the complexities of scheduling, there are no guarantees.  Monthly tuition is still due in full. 

  • If Client cancels their lesson with less than 24-hour notice, Client will be charged for the lesson and will not receive a makeup lesson. 

  • If Client arrives late for their designated lesson time, they will receive a shortened lesson for the time remaining. 

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